Q. When is this?

A. Halloween Night, October 31 2020 from 6pm - 10pm

Q. Can I make reservations?

A. No, sorry. We are trying to keep this as self serve as possible so we can also stay distanced. One family is allowed in at a time and there will be a large glowing eye by the entrance to show when a family is inside. When the eye is off the next family can enter. Cones will be lined down the street leading up to the house 6 feet apart that families can wait at.

Q. Does this cost anything?

A. Our family is happy to have set this up for our community to enjoy. All that we ask is in exchange is a donation to the Central Texas Food Bank. You can either donate two or more items per family in the bins set up outside our house or make a direct donation at the link on the bottom of this page

Q. How scary is it?

A. We're trying our best not to make it too scary for kids, but please understand there are things inside that are absolutley intended to get a little scream. We're still thinking of a way to make two paths so families can decide on their own and if we do we'll update this page.

Q. How long will it take?

A. We want as many families as possible to enjoy it but also don't want to rush people through. Right now we have an idea to keep people to about 4 minutes, but since there will not be anybody outside managing the event a lot of it is based on respect of others waiting. The exit is in a seperate place as the entrance and we will be controlling the eye via remote from inside the house.

Q. Will you be doing something similar for Thanksgiving?

A. Huh? Why would we have a haunted experience on Thanksgiving? This is a bizzare question to ask.

Q. Will there be any candy at the end?

A. Yes, there will be something for the kids to take at the end. Even something a little extra if nobody in the family screams once.

Q. Will you be doing something similar for Easter?

A. Seriously? We're not even going to reply this time

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. 6-Year Old Olivia thought of this idea with her Dad a few weeks ago and decided it should come to life. The community has responded excited so far and greatful for something to do on such a confusing night. The Central Texas Food Bank is appreciative for the extra help they so badly need this year. Why wouldn't we do this? :)

Happy Halloween Austin!